A little about me

I’m an energetic designer, conceptual thinker, strategic problem solver, and leader with 15+ years of experience. I’ve worked on advertising, shopper marketing, interactive, brand identity, environments, packaging, collateral, and direct mail.

My curiosity continually drives me to expand my skill set. In addition to the typical skill set of a designer and art director (out-of-the-box creativity, impeccable typography, refined taste and style, and presentation skills) I also have skills as a photographer and illustrator. I’m passionate about making beautiful creative that inspires the target audience to change their behavior. I’m a confident leader and enjoy being a mentor to direct reports.

My favorite podcasts are 99% Invisible, Creative Pep Talk, Every Little Thing, Hidden Brain, How I Built This, Invisibilia, Planet Money, Snap Judgement, Ted Radio Hour, and The Indicator. In my free time I make pottery and drawings. See a snapshot of these "extracurricular" projects on Instagram and at thatsartsy.com.

For a full low-down on my 15+ years in the design/advertising/marketing industry, request a resume or visit Linked in.

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